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Tractiongrips: fit Kahr models listed in pulldown menu
Tractiongrips© set designed to fit Kahr CW9, CW40, CW45, PM40, PM9, MK9, MK40, P380 and the new CW380 and .  Choose from black or gray textured rubber, or black grit type material.    The grips are only around 1/64" thick and won't make your grip feel fatter like other grips will.
Choose from black or gray textured rubber, or black gritty material for most models.  

Most models include panels to cover the right and left side of the firearm and a piece that fits the bottom of the trigger guard.

The P380 and CW380 sets wrap around from the front side, cover ing the front and both sides.  The rubber CW45, PM9, PM40, CM9, and CM40 grip sets also wrap around the front of the grip.

The old style PM9 grips have been discontinued, since the new style grips will fit the old frames as well.  The grips will not extend to the very bottom of the grip, but now wrap around the front of the grip if rubber grips are selected.

The MK9 and MK40 grips are shipped with black textured rubber side panels, and gray textured rubber pieces for the front of the grip and under the trigger guard, to match the stainless frame.
The PM9 and PM40 grips are available in two styles.  The old style extends to the bottom of the grip.  The newer style stops just short of the bottom, covering the factory textured area.

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