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Silencer Spacer for AR-15 Rifles with .22 cal conversions

Back Ordered

Silencer Spacers are made to allow .22lr silencers to be used on AR15 and similar weapons, with threaded sections too long to use a rimfire suppressor on.  Most rimfire suppressors are designed to use screw onto a secion of threads no longer than 0.40", while most .223 caliber firearms are designed with a 0.60" long thread.  The spacers will fill the gap, while maintaining the concentric bores of the barrel and suppressor.  Stacks of washers may not do so properly, and may cause baffle strikes, damageing the suppressor, or causing injury.

The newly re-designed spacers are 0.25 thick, and 0.86 in diamater, and are now knurled for a better grip when installing or removing the spacer.  They also have a small area on one side bored slightly larger than the treads, so they can be used on some of the new rimfire black guns out there that aren't threaded all the way to the crown of the barrel.  The faces are precision ground.  These additional machining processes added cost to manufacturing, but we had to incorporate the features into the new design due to all the requests coming in.


Our price: $999.99  Sale price $999.99